4 MHS Grads receive Step-Up Scholarships

The Madison Central School Educational Foundation presented Step-Up scholarships to Brittany Dirks, Blake Brown, Alexys Wilt and Taran Martin, members of the Madison High School Class of 2019, who are now freshman at Dakota State University.

In 2003, the MCSEF Board of Directors made a proposal to the City of Madison to start a utility bill round-up program to generate scholarship dollars for Madison High School students attending DSU. Since the Step-Up for Scholars program has been in place, 145 students have received scholarships.

“These students and the MCSEF board of directors would like to thank the current participants and the City of Madison for their support of the Step Up program,” said Renae Prostrollo, MSCEF Director. “We’d like to encourage everyone to participate in the utilities round-up program. It is a small individual investment that makes a huge impact on our Madison High School students who attend DSU.”

Madison residents and businesses can sign up to participate in the Step-Up Scholarship Program allowing the City Finance Office to round up their monthly municipal utility bill to the nearest whole dollar. The most a customer could pay in one year is $11.88. The average participant’s round-up totals between $6 and $7 per year. The money is put into the Step-Up scholarship Fund and awarded in the form of scholarships to MHS students in good standing attending DSU. To enroll in the program, please contact the City Finance Office at 256-7504 or email

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