Name Position Favorite Snacks Favorite Drinks Favorite Restaurants Hobbies Favorite Stores Favorite Teacher/Classroom Supplies? Favorite Colors Birthday
Adam Ericsson English Teacher Chips & Cookies Coffee & Gatorade Los Tapatios Watch movies, play basketball Stan's Mens Shop, Scheels Tacks, pens, notebooks Green & Orange July 15
Adam Shaw High School Principal Granola Bars Diet Coke Stadium, Sportsman’s and El Vaquero Read and spend time with my kids Lewis and Shopko Pens Maroon, Blue and Gold March 10
Al Bierschbach HS Math M&M’s, chocolate chip granola bars Coke. Blue Powerade Dairy Queen, Olive Garden Boating, relaxing Dicks Sporting Goods Mini candy bars, calculators Maroon (Bulldogs), Blue (Jackrabbits) January 5th
Amanda Klawonn SEC - SPED teacher Dried fruit, honey mustard pretzels, dark chocolate, nuts, wasabi peas, beef jerky Coffee, ice coffee, tea Sake (Sushi restaurant in Brookings). Hy-Vee Market Grille Running, crafts, reading, games, outdoor activities, and cooking or baking Barns and Noble, Target, Walmart, Menards, world market, hyvee Books, pens, notebooks Blues August 23rd
Anna Hansen 5th grade teacher Dove chocolate, Chex Mix Mt. Dew, Cherry Coke, Coffee Johnny Carino's, Arby's, Red Lobster Spend time with family, bowling, gardening, cooking/baking Kohl's, Target Flair pens, post-its purple, yellow (Vikings), and pink March 17th
Anne Elisa Brown Spanish Teacher/Theater Director chips, ice cream, and chex mix Water, chai tea El Vaquero, Sundog, Granite City, Crawford's I love to read, sing, travel, go to the pool, watch theater, and spend time with my kids! Target, Kohl's, Sephora, I love post-it notes, gel pens, and dry erase markers! green and blue June 21st
Ashley Grambihler Student Teacher/Weekend Custodian Cheezits Tea of any flavor! Stadium, Second Street Diner Read, explore, shop At Home, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby Pens! (You can never have enough) Blue and Grey July 24th
Ashley Mette Para Professional Snickers or starburst Diet mt dew or Diet Pepsi Stadium and pizza ranch and Sportsmans Play with my children and play softball Six21 and Maurice’s and Barbwire N Lace Purple February 14th
Austin Kesteloot AG/ CTE teacher Candy, funyuns, steak Mountain Dew, Coffee Olive Garden hunt, fish scheels July 11th
Beth Odegard Special Education Paraprofessional Cheetos coffee, grape juice, mt dew Chili's, Olive Garden, Sickies garage Camping, fishing, spending time with family and my 3 dogs Jcpenney, Maurice's, Mechanical pencils, highlighters Pink, black, dark blue, white January 12
Betsy Schamber Student Advocate Wasabi almonds, string cheese, gummy bears, hot tamales Bubly water, LaCroix water, flavored coffee El Vaquero, Sundog, Sportys Run, read, hike, go to movies, garden Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Pier One Gel pens, to do lists Teal, light blue, red July 18
Brian Noland Custodian (Aka. fix it man, snow mover all around great guy.) Hard jobs.(Ez to find they are everywhere) Good laughs. (helps wash down the tough jobs) China Moon (man them crab rangoons are the bomb) Umm....have a bit of a laugh. Jeg's,Sturdevant's and O'Riely's (I am a car guy) All the teachers are my favorite. (political answer I have favorites but I am not telling.) Favorite supplies have to be tools can't fix things with out them! Black and Purple (I am a Leo just for good measure) July 25th
Charla Callahan Office Professional fruit Coke Olive Garden crafts Smiles Yellow December 14
Carly Rozell 4th grade teacher pretzel m&m Mt. Dew subway, Culvers, Sporty's be outside, be active, watch movies Walmart, Target, Shopko any of the necesseties mint green, purple, teal December 21
Casey Materese 4th Grade Chocolate, starburst jelly beans, fruit Chai Tea, flavored coffee, flavored waters I love trying all places! Read, bake, laugh Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Target Fun pens, markers for kids, sticky notes Orange, Purple December 5
Cassaunra Krogen 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts Doritos and M&Ms Mello Yello I love to read when there is time, relax at the lake and netflix. Target! My classroom uses many glue sticks and colored pencils. Teal! August 18
Christen Hildebrandt Social Studies Yeacher reese candy Cherry coke Sandwhich shops Watch the packers, NASCAR, and superhero movies. Aldi, Walmart, Target Pencils and chrome books Blue October 14th
Connie Currey SPED teacher milky way mountain dew El Vaquero, Sportsman's photography, spend time with family anything with clothes! red December 12
Dana Gonyo HS English teacer salty - chips/popcorn/flavored pretzels coffee and Dt. Coke Olive Garden, Granite City, 2nd St. Diner workout, read, shop Trader Joe's, Walmart (practical), clothing stores Anything sparkly or glittery!! Decor, office supplies Brown, pink and anything glitter October 15th
Danelle Keninger 7th & 8th Science Reeses Dt Dew or water DQ, Stadium, Los Tapatios golf and read All boutiques in Madison All teacher supplies are fun and excitng. Yellow October 27
Darcie Bottem 4th Grade Teacher Chex Mix, Twix Water or lemonade The Stadium Reading, kayaking, fishing Amazon, Barnes and Noble Expo Markers, post-its, books Purple December 20
Dawn Wiebers HS Chemistry Instructor Chex Mix, Almonds, Popcorn Ice (Orange Mango or Peach Nectarine) Chinese/Sushi Golf, Camp, Fantasy Football Walmart, Gordmans, Dollar General Dry Erase Markers Red, Black, Maroon April 10
Devon Bruna Third Grade Donuts, Twix, Laffy Taffy (blue, green, or pink) Coca Cola, Cold Brew Coffee Sundog Coffee, DQ Read, watch movies, DIY projects Hobby Lobby, Target, Scheels Books, stickers, board games Black and yellow May 7th
Erin Szilvasi Elementary Special Education Teacher Popcorn, almonds, KitKat Coffee, Diet Coke, Blue Powerade Zero Subway, TC Referees, Chevys Spend time with family and friends Target and Amazon! Pens! Purple January 18th
Jarret Janke Middle School Physical Education Beef Jerky Gatorade Los Tapitios, Nickys, Pizza Ranch Spend time with family. Be active- spikeball, frolf, golf, basketball, volleyball Scheels Blue. Or Maroon and Gold! August 11th
Jeff Larsen 7th Grade Science/6th Makerspace/Head Boys Basketball Coach Apples Water Mexican Play Basketball/Golf/Weighlift Scheels Science Material/Hand Sanitizer/Clorox Wipes Maroon/Gold/Black/White May 1st
Jennifer Flemming 8th Grade Reading Teacher Dove chocolate, Pretzels, Trail Mix, PB m&m's Fresca, chai tea, sparkling water DQ, Sporties, Los Topatios read, water-ski, shop Scheels, Loft sticky notes, papermate gel pens, triconderoga pencils pink, yellow August 1st.
Jennifer Richards Middle school choir and guitar & high school choir Roasted almonds, chips and salsa, caramel puff corn, cheezits, reeses Coffee, water, spark Sundog, Oshimi, Crawfords, Subway, Red Rossa Read, garden, hike, make music Amazon, target, scheels Guitar picks, sharpies, mechanical pencils, gel pens Purple, turquoise, royal blue April 20
Jerricka Thompson 1st Grade Teacher Chocolate, Reese, snickers Diet tea, iced coffee, coffee Sporty’s, stadium, subway Shop, spend time with family Target, Amazon Magnetic strips, WHITE OUT Yellow and pink August 9th
Jill Kratovil 8th Math Gardetto's, Twizzlers Cherry Nibs Raspberry Iced Tea, Dr. Pepper, coffee (with lots of creamer :) ) Los Tapatios, Stadium, DQ, Subway attending sporting events, craft, swim with my kids Six 21, Sparkle & Sass, Target Gel pens, notepads, Sharpie Markers Dark blue, purple, teal August 19th
Joe Bundy High School Social Studies and PE Teacher Almonds, Cashews, Dark Chocolate Coke Los Topatios, Sporty's Sports, Camping/Hiking Maps September 26
Joey Liesinger Teacher Nuts Diet Coke Taco Johns Golf, Fish, Hunt Austads/Scheels/Cabella's Flash Drives The flag October 4
Kaitlyn Glover 5th grade teacher Oreos or Animal Crackers Cherry Dr. Pepper Sundog, Arby's, or Dairy Queen Watch football (DSU) and draw Shopko or Wal-mart Pencils, colorful pens, and erasers green and purple July 10th
Katarina Smith Custodian Cheez its, fruit snacks, hint of lime tortilla chips, Pacific Cooler Capri Sun, Gold Peak Sweet Tea Target & Pomegranite Market Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Green August 10
Katie Weeldreyer High School Math chocolate coffee, diet coke Applebee's, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings Read, play/watch softball, volleyball, and basketball, bake Lewis, Maurices, Pens! Blue and Green December 28
Kelli Olson Kindergarten Chocolate Diet Coke El vaquero, Olive Garden, Dairy Queen Go to the movies, read, shop. Costco, sams, Lewis Drug, any! Pens, sticky notes, stickers Navy, teal April 5
Kelli Wollmann Para Professional Special Education Watermelon Water Pizza Ranch, China Moon Paint on canvas, woodworking, rug weaving, play/listen to music, sing Craft stores, Music stores Markers, construction paper Green, yellow November 17th
Kelly Swenson Special Education Teacher Hot Tamales, Combos, cashews Diet Coke El Vacquero, Taco Bell, Culvers Hike, read magazines, go to movies Kohls, Target Glitter pens, Post- it notes Yellow and pink November 3
Kimarie Sheppard 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies anything fruity sweetened tea Grill 26 Sioux Falls family time, movies/dinner with friends Macy's; Bath and Body Works anything to organize blue, purple December 14
Kindra Wiese 7th grade teacher peanut butter M&M's, One Stop cookies, ice cream fountain Coke, peach iced tea, Mocha Frappe from McDonald's DQ, El Vaquero spending time with my kids, shopping, being outside Target, Scheels, Gap pens, post it notes, pencils, expo markers green, pink October 31
Kirstin Johnson Jr. Kindergarten Teacher Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels, Dot's Homestyle Pretzels, Reese's Pieces Diet Coke, chai tea DQ, Subway, Qdoba, Starbucks Read, play board games, puzzles Target, Six21 Trends Boutique Colorful pens!! Shades of blue June 11
Kristie Olson Business Education Teacher Wheat Thins Lemonade, purple Gatorade Stadium, Nicky's Camping, hunting, sports WalMart, Menards Sticky notes, pens Blue Decmeber 3
Kristin Morse 1st Grade Teacher Pretzels, honey crisp apples...& any chocolate! Coffee, Sparkling water Mexican Sporting events, reading, being outside Target Markers...Flair, Sharpie & notepads...reg. & sticky Blue & yellow November 15
Kristine Waba Kindergarten teacher Pistachios, raw almonds, beef jerky, chocolate Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Fresca, Grape Juice Red Lobster, HuHot, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden Spend time with family & friends, Read, Camp, Travel, Watch Movies Urban Junk, Amazon, Bath & Body Works Fun craft items, Stickers, Gel pens in pretty colors Blue, Teal, Purple February 6th
LaRae Glynn 5th grade (math) salty (crackers, Gardettos) any kind of chocolate diet mt. dew, coffee (k cups)-chai tea China Moon, Applebees, DQ walk, read, tat, watch movies and sporting events Hobby Lobby, Six21, Walmart, Barnes & Noble mechanical pencils, post it notes, gel pens (all colors) red, black, maroon, Purple & Gold (Viking colors) September 1st
Laura Bult Speech-language pathologist (3rd-12th) Skittles, Starburst, sour cream and cheddar chips Squirt, flavored water, hot apple cider Pizza Ranch, El Vaquero, Dairy Queen Read, swim, watch baseball (go Twins!) Bei Capelli, Sparkle N Sass, etc., Sephora Colorful pens or markers Sky blue, hot pink, glitter October 30
Laura Haug High School Resource Room Teacher Chocolate-- York Patties, Hershey's with Almonds or Peanut butter M& M's Mt. Dew I really do not have a favorite restraurant Read, and spend time with my family Target, Maurices, Bath and Body Works Fun colored pens and markers, fun colored Post-It Notes, Fun inspirational sayings Pink, and most of the pastel colors May 5th
Leigh Ann Gehrels Librarian chocolate/ice cream Dt. Dew Dq/Culvers Read Bath & Body Pens/Gel Pens Books Warm colors August 15
Linda Janke Library Assistant Doritoes, pop corn, bing candy bars mt dew, unsweetened tea los tapitoes shopping, watching basketball geyermans, hobby lobby markers, scissors royal blue, purple and teal May 10
Lindsey Dietterle 3rd Grade Jerky, Trail Mix, Chocolate Crystal Light Mexican, Prime Time, DQ Crafts, Gardening, Read Target Pens, Games, Manipulatives, Art Supplies (Glitter, Googly Eyes) Greens, Neutrals April 15th
Liz Gors Para/Aide JrK Dark chocolate, almonds, mustard pretzels Coffee and water Any! Read Target Sticky notes(I dont really use any) Red, maroon, yellow January 27
Lora Milne MHS Special Education Instructor almonds, puff corn, sweets, fruit Diet Coke with lime, Diet Pepsi, Caribu Coffee Chevy's, Inca's, Mackenzie River, DT Sioux Falls restaurants, any Madison restaurants Be at the beach, read, spend time with my kids, decorating Marshalls, Gordmans, Hallmark, Bath & Body Works Pens, funny post its, sayings to display Blue, turquoise, beach colors June 22
Lori Christensen Ag/CTE Teacher - counselor/advisor Salty. Chips, crackers, popcorn Coffee Stadium, El Vaq Spending time with my kids. Running Scheels, Dicks, Target Pens, notebooks, any cool paper goods Red, blue, yellow, green July 20
M. Pickard Elementary Music Pretzel M&Ms Water, Fairlife Skim Milk, Mountain Dew Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse Play with my kids and pets, sew, scrapbook Anywhere I can find bargains Motivational bulletin board materials. I'd really like a Cricut. Black, light turquoise November 1
Marty Konechne Physical Education Cough Drops Water
Maxine Unterbrunner Science Teacher Starburst Jelly Beans Lipton Diet Raspberry Tea/Ice Mountain Water Knotty Pine Watch football (Packers) basketball (Celtic and Duke) baseball (Twins) along with the watching the Bulldogs, Fishing, hunting, being with family and friends. Scheels and other sports stores Animals to dissect Green/Black/Maroon/Blue April 9
Megan Blake 6th grade reading teacher Chocolate Iced coffee, mountain dew Qdoba, noodles and company Read, Netflix Amazon, Target Fun pens, Clorox wipes Coral, teal September 22
Megan Janke 2nd Grade Teacher Chips and salsa and peanut m&m’s Mountain Dew and blue gatorade One stop, Cubby’s, Johnny Carinos Exercising, volleyball, basketball, going to movies, going to sporting events Target, hobby lobby, and old navy Pens and dry erase markers and organizers Blue, green, and purple May 22
Melody Gross Paraprofessional at the HS popcorn, chocolate, any snacks latte's and water Los Tapitos Go to Madison and DSU events Sunshine mechanical pencils, erasers Royal Blue September 19th
Michael Ricke Athletic Director/Assistant AD Twin Bing, Popcorn, Sunflower Seeds Coke or Mountain Dew The Stadium, BW's, Texas Roadhouse Golf, hunt, and sometimes fish Scheels Pens Blue and Black February 4th
Michele Hodges Paraprofessional mixed nuts, cashews Unsweetened Tea, Diet Coke, Hillside, Prme Time Tavern Family outings, activities, sit in the Sun with coffee Shopko, Sparkle and Sas Shopko sales Blue, yellow and purple together July 3rd
Michele Stark 5th grade teacher Special K chips, any kind of chocolate Diet MT Dew Code Red, propel powder packets DQ, applebees work out, watch football, watch movies teacher stores, scheels, walmart sticky notes, mechanical pencils, different colored pens blue, marroon & white, miami dolpins colors June 26
Michelle Hojer First Grade Teacher Dots pretzels, Green apples, Heath Bars, Peanut Butter M&M’s Diet Coke, Caribou coffee Mexican, DQ Read and Pinterest Target & Amazon Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Personalized Notepads, All sizes of sticky notes, Tichonderoga Green and Black May 16
Nancy Falor Alternative School Chips / mixed nuts Dr.Pepper Sewing/quilting Quilt shops Blue, green February 4th
Nicole Decker 6-12 Director of Bands pretzels, potato chips, ice cream coke zero, powerade zero All mexican resturants, BBW Bowling, Attend concerts, attend movies target! Pencils, magnets, decorative photos Electric blue, teal, gold June 5
Patti Skluzacek sped para chocolate diet coke China Moon shopping Hobby Lobby, Maurices markers pink and blue March 31
Paula Kingery Special Education Director Popcorn, plain and cheese, Baby Ruth Ice Tea - unsweetened and not flavored Sportsman's Read, work in yard Macy's CJ Banks Lavendar August 24th
Rebecca Finck Kindergarten teacher pretzels, reeses, milk duds flavored gingerale or flavored water Sporty's, Applebees spend time with my 4 boys outside Target and Walmart Papermate Flair pens silver and teal May 10
Renae Trigg Special Education Teacher Skittles, Starbursts, milk chocolate Mt. Dew, BodyArmor juice drinks, capuccino Olive Garden, Arby's spending time with my family, fishing, gardening, biking Target art supplies blue; combination of blue, green and yellow June 25th
Robin Schwebach K - 5 Computer Teacher Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers Diet Dew Carnaval Brazlian Grill, Johnny Carinos Dance Hobby Lobby, Kohl's Anything with Technology such as Dash and Dot Robots Blue, Maroon May 25
Sarah Jongeling HS FACS teacher chocolate BAI coconut water/Dr. Pepper/Mt. Dew/Coke Any, I like a variety! :) spend time with my family, local adventures Kohls, JCP, Bath and Body Works Inspirational items blue/green/fushia June 26
Sarah O’Donnell Middle School Art Reese’s of all kinds Mt Dew, Bubbly, Starbucks Chili’s, 2nd Street Diner, Grille 26 Draw, Paint, Cook Sephora, Amazon, Hy-Vee Pencils, paint, cleaning supplies Yellow April 18
Shelly Balogh 4th Grade Teacher popcorn, nuts coffee, plain tea, water, diet coke Sportys, Stadium, exercise, go to a good movie, read Home Goods, Sparkle and Sass, Old Navy, Maurices smelly markers, gel pens bright coors January 5
Steve Gors Middle School Social Studies Snickers and Life Savor Mints Arnold Palmer - Half Lemonade Half Iced Tea DQ and Pizza Ranch Draw and spend time with family Amazon Hand sanitizer and tissues Earth tones and Royal Blue January 26
Steve Millage Technology Director Peanut M&M's Coffee Amazon Post-it Green October 20
Tammy Lund Para Almonds Water Mexican Walk, sew Joann’s Sticky notes Dark pink March 1
Tammy Selgestad 3rd grade teacher fruit, almonds power aide, unsweetened ice tea, diet pepsi Taco Bell, Applebees, Sportys garden, read Target, Walmart, Lewis white board markers, sharpies, markers, colored pencils teal green
Teri Gerry middle school SPED teacher Sun chips, anything chocolate Dt. Mt. Dew El Vaquero, Sundog, DQ, Taco John's, Subway, One Stop, Pizza Ranch sit and read anywhere in Madison, WalMart, Target colorful gel pens, stickie notes, notepads purple, lime green, teal October 3
Tina Denne 1st grade chocolate Diet Coke, Diet Mt. Dew DQ, Subway, One Stop, Sportys family, walk, bike ride, camp Six21 Trends, Sparkle&Sass, Lewis colored pens bright colors November 2
Tom Milne High School PE/Health Teacher Dry Roasted Peanuts, Twizzlers Cherry Bites and M and M's ALL MIXED TOGETHER! Unsweetened Iced Tea/Not school appropriate Chevy's/Chili's/Casey's Pizza Visit Fremont Street in Las Vegas/Golf (even though I'm not good at it) Dick's/Scheels/Walmart/Menards/HyVee Pencils for the Fitness Room Blue/Green August 20
Travis Johnson Middle School Technology Teacher Snickers Coke El Vaquero/ China Moon Camping / Hunting ? Fishing Cabellas/ Dunhams / scheels Tech Gadgets Green June 24
Valerie Wilkens 2nd Grade chocolate, pretzels dt. coke, chai tea Panera Bread, Los Tapitios read, garden, shop target, gap, barnes and noble gel pens, notepads, stationary red, teal December 17

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