Name Position Favorite Snacks Favorite Drinks Favorite Restaurants Hobbies Favorite Stores Classroom Wish List Favorite Colors Birthday
Adam Shaw High School Principal Chex Mix Diet Coke I like to support all the local resturants Work in the yard, read, spend time with my family Sunshine and Ace Hardware I don't have a wish list. Blue, Maroon and White 10-Mar
Al Bierschbach HS Math Teacher & Asst. AD Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Powerade, Coke The Office, DQ Relax, Go to Lake Maroon (Bulldogs), Blue (Jackrabbits) 5-Jan
Amanda Klawonn Student Empowerment Classroom Teacher dark chocolate, almonds, Sun chips, corn chips & salsa Coffee and Water Hillside, Scooters, Shipwreck Spend time with my family outside, care for our animals 21 Trends, Four Seasons, Dollar Tree Alternative seating, snacks, board games, art supplies. Blue, Teal, Turquoise August 23rd
Anna Hansen Middle School Special Education Teacher chocolate, chex mix Coffee, Cherry Coke DQ, Buffalo Wild Wings, Johnny Carino's Gardening, Crafting Kohl's, Maurices Flair pens, document camera, flexible seating Pink and Purple March 17th
Anne Elisa Brown Spanish Teacher chex mix, chips, chocolate tea, coffee, water The Hillside, 2nd Street Diner, Sundog Read, Sing, Travel Target, Kohl's Spanish Flashcards and games green and blue June 21st
Ashley Bult Para chocolate or chips Diet Mt Dew El Vaquero Playing Softball and coaching school sports Target or Six21 Purple February 14th
Ashley Coomes School Nurse gummy bears, snickers, twix coke Olive Garden, 5 Guys camp, read Six21 Boutique, The Mason Jar, Target, Amazon Fun band aids, posters for the walls teal/mint, pink 19-Feb
Austin Kesteloot HS Ag teacher beef jerky, ice cream, candy bars Coffee, MTN dew, Hu Hot, Sportys, Broadwater, Prime Time Hunt, Fish, golf Menards,, One Stop, Runnings Cnc Laser engraver Green, Bulldog Maroon! 11-Jul
Becky Fjerstad 5th Grade Teacher Sweet and salty Diet Mountain Dew and Black Cherry Mio Los Tapatios, Sportys, The Office Spend time with family, teaching kids, and walking Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Teachers pay Teachers, and any local boutiques Wobble stools and books Pink and white September 10th
Beth Odegard Paraproffesional Crackers and cheese Coffee, diet coke Apple Bees and Olive Garden camp, fish, hang out with my dogs Scheels, Walmart, running's book shelf holder blue, black, pink January 12th
Brad Eichmann Dir of Maintenance Mt. Dew Racing Summit Black 18-May
Brenna Johnson 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Chex Mix/Dots Pretzels Coke The Office, Nicky's Sports, Family time Boutiques in town Three hole punch, supplemental curriculum materials teal/blue October 8th
Casey Materese 4th Grade teacher Chocolate Flavored Coffee, Cherry Coke Zero Any ;) Read, walk, shop Gift cards for picture books to teach from Orange and purple 5-Dec
Cassaundra Brunick 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Doritos Mello Yello Sundog and Scooters Reading, hiking, and puzzles Expo Markers, Sharpies, Pencils Teal August 18th
Cassondra Grogan High School Art Teacher Cheez Its, Skinny Pop Popcorn Coke, Blue Gatorade Buffalo Wild Wings, MacKenzie River, Blarney Stone Kayak, Hike, Camp, Draw, Paint, Workout Scheels, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby Large Floor Art Easels to hold Large Canvas and Wood Teal, Purple, Pink, Green May 27th
Cheri Myrvik paraprofessional cheese and crackers vanilla coke The Office, Famous Daves, Olive Garden garden, crochet, bead, sew, travel, spend time with family, friends and grandpuppies Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Antique stores pink, purple, red,grey 26-Nov
Chris Waba Middle School Math teacher Jerky Diet Mt. Dew Nicky's Hunt and Fish Cabelas/ Scheels An overhead projector to hook up to my computer Blue 12-Oct
Christa McDermott Office Professional/Online Education Facilitator MES anything chocolate Diet Coke El Vaquero, The Office, Stadium watch my kids sports- DSU and MHS Bath and Body Works Green and Blue 24-Oct
Connie Currey Special Education Teacher - preschool Milky Way candy bar, Gardetto’s Mt. Dew, orange soda Red 12-Dec
Cotton MS Principal Jerky Coke All of them Go to the movies Jacks Locker nothing Purple 26-Mar
Dana Gonyo English teacher -12th grade and AP Literature chips/popcorn and chocolate coffee, flavored water Stadium, The Office work out, yoga, read, shop Target, Walmart cleaning supplies, holiday decorations brown, rose gold and smoky blue October 15th
Danelle Keninger 8th grade teacher Reese PB cups, trail mix not picky golf and read boutiques and teachers pay teachers clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, 27-Oct
Danny Frisby-Griffin Aviation Instructor Almonds Coffee The Office Ride bike and basketball HyVee Introductory aircraft flights for the students Blue 30-Aug
Darcie Kavanagh 4th Grade Teacher Cheetos and Twix 7 Up or Sprite The Broadwater and DQ Fishing and reading Target and Amazon Chapter books Purple and blue December 20th
Dawn Johnson Special Education Paraprofessional chocolate, grapes, crackers crystal light, pepsi El Vaquero, Dairy Queen read, garden, puzzles Hobby Lobby, Lewis games, books blue, purple, red 9-Jul
Dawn Wiebers Chemistry Teacher Chips Orange Tangerine Mio Water Chinese and Mexican Camp, Golf, Watch sporting events Fleet Farm, Runnings, Lewis Hot Plate/Magnetic Stirrer combo, Portable Micro Lab Burner, Red and Black 10-Apr
Devon Bruna 2nd Grade, 7th Grade BB, Varsity Track Popcorn, sour candy, chocolate Iced coffee, Coca-Cola Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Sporty's Drive around in the jeep, swim, bike, run, mountain bike, Target, Amazon Board games, legos, tinker toys, lincoln logs, things to build with! Yellow May 7th
Erin Szilvasi 3rd-4th Special Education Teacher Popcorn, chips and salsa Diet Coke and coffee Broadwater, Sundog, TC Referees Spend time with family, shop, play board/card games Amazon, Target, Scooters Binders (all sizes), book bins, portable laminator Purple, Olive green, teal January 18th
Heather Meehan Elementary Paraprofessional Anything Chocolate/Peanut Butter, hot tamales, cheetos, doritos, chex mix, m&m's and snickers Sprite, Snicker's Blender at Scooters (no espresso) El Vaquero, os Tapitos, 2nd Street, HuHot, Scooters, DQ Jeep rides with my family, cooking, vacationing in the Black Hills Target, Amazon Colorful pens and post it notes Yellow, teal and pink 27-Sep
Jacob Ludemann HS Social Studies Anything hot and spicy Mt. Dew Pizza, Burgers, Mexican Food Spend time with my kids and coach Sunshine Blue July 5th
Jarret Janke High School PE/Health Granola Bars, Beef Jerky The Office, Los Tapitios 8/11/1990
Jeff Larsen 7th Grade Science and 6th Grade Makerspace Teacher Head Boys Basketball Coach Chocolate covered peanut Clusters RX Bars Water Mexican and Prime Time Tavern Play Basketball and Golf Scheels and Menards Anything kids can use Maroon and Black 5/1/1991
Jenn Richards Choir Director/Music Cheese popcorn, chips and salsa, roasted almonds, reeses peanut butter cups coffee, water, spark Subway, Oshimi, Saki sushi, The Office, Johnny Carinos Hike, read, make music scheels, target, amazon New stereo speakers for middle school, wireless speakers for computer, colorful banners/wall hangings, pictures of jazz artists, boomwhacker storage blue, purple 4/20/1970
Jennifer Englert Kindergarten Teacher sweet and salty, hot tamales, chocolate, ice cream no caffeine, water only! Pizza Ranch, Los Tapitios, DQ ride bike, read, outings with family Target, Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers 22 single hole punch tool for entire class for fine motor practice, Squigz toys mini or regular, individual Play doh cans for all students, Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates towards all I buy each year, For the classroom: bright pink, neon green, aqua. For self or home: dark blue, maroon, seaweed green 6-Aug
Jennifer Flemming 6th Grade reading teacher M & M's - all kinds! - Trail mix chai tea, iced tea, sparkling water The Office, DQ Read, shop, run/walk/hike Target, Scheels, Athleta Books, saucer or butterfly chairs, washi tape, paper-mate pens pink, purple August 1st
Jerricka Mabon 1st Grade CHOCOLATE! :) Diet Green Tea, Sparkling Water Sportys, Subway, and Stadium Shop, Spend time with my daughter, Camdyn. :) Target, Amazon BOOKS:) Yellow, Pink August 9th
Jessica Dawson 5th Grade Math Popcorn, M&Ms Mt. Dew, Iced Coffee Los Tapatios, Prime Time, DQ Spend time at the lake, camping, photography Target, Lewis Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card, Wobble stools, classroom iPad Bright Colors - Blue, Pink, Purple 28-Aug-95
Jill Kratovil 8th Grade Math/Algebra cashews, almonds, Gardettos, flavored pretzels, dark chocolate Raspeberry Tea, Mello Yello, Dr. Pepper Los Tapatios, The Office, Sportys, Johnny Carinos Attend sporting events, shop, activities with my family, create things with my Cricut Target, Six21 Trends, Sparkle & Sass, Amazon Gel pens, fun notebooks, cute office supplies, organization storage, calculators, Swivl Camera, math games Teal and Purple August 19th
Jill Ricke 3rd Grade Teacher Chocolate!!! Fruit. Cookies. Lemonade, Mountain Dew, Sweet Tea Buffalo Wild Wings, Stadium, Chili's Read, Play Games, Craft Teachers Pay Teachers, Target, HomeGoods, Old Navy Classroom library books, dividers for pods (this year), games, DVDs, extra school supplies, stamps Teal, blue, mint 5-Jun
Joanne Kallhoff District Librarian Ice--grapefruit drink or just water Mexican or health food Walk, reading, swimming, tennis, shopping book stores, antique stores, craft stores Sphero mat, sphero spark+, books, bookmarks blue and gold or yellow 12-Jul
Joe Bundy High School Teacher Sunflower Seeds Coke Los Tapatios Watch Sports Walmart, Target Yellow
Joel Jorgenson Supt Cheese Popcorn Diet Pepsi - Ice Tea All Fish Cabelas - Scheels Post Covid-19 Green - White 28-Aug
Kaitlyn Glover 5th Grade Teacher chocolate chip cookies, cheetos, dried fruit tea, lemonade, Dr. Pepper Texas Roadhouse, Applebees watch sports, draw, be outside Target, Walmart sticky notes, markers, flexible seating green and orange July 10th
Karen Rahn Humanities Cruise Teacher @MMS Almonds and Parmesan Chips Fresca Prime Time & Anywhere with good meat. Read, Travel, Hang out with family. Sam's Club - Walmart An endless supply of Sanitary Wipes for my tables so I wouldn't have to spray clean all the time! Fall colors 14-Dec
Katie Abraham First Grade Teacher Kit Kat Ruby Red Squirt, Lemonade, Bubbler The Office, Nicky's, The Broadwater garden, read, run Small Town Girlz, Six 21 Smelly markers, stickers, Blue 5-Oct
Katie Weeldreyer High School Math Anything chocolate! Diet Coke or Coffee The Office, Olive Garden, Applebee's Read, watch movies, puzzles Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, Target Pencils, Kleenex, Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Everything Bundle (would love to use it to make my own decals for my classroom!) Blue Dec. 28th
Kelli Olson Kindergarten Teacher Peanut M&M's, Beef Jerky, Doritoes Diet Coke Olive Garden, Dairy Queen, Pizza Ranch shop, read Scheels, Dicks Sporting Goods inkjoy colored pens, markers, crayons, 3m wall mounts blue 5-Apr
Kelli Wollmann Paraproffessional Special Needs Frito's Water China Moon- Pizza Ranch Paint, anything artsy, anything with music hobby lobby, JoAnns Fabric, lumber yard fidgits yellow, green 17-Nov-62
Kelly Swenson Elem Special Ed Teacher Hot Tamales, any chocolate, cashews Diet Coke, Sparkling Ice drinks Taco Bell, Dairy Queen Hike, watch movies, shop Target, Kohl’s, Scratch and. Sniff stickers Yellow and pink Nov, 3
Kelly Swenson Elem Special Ed Teacher Hot Tamales, any chocolate, cashews Diet Coke, Sparkling Ice drinks Taco Bell, Dairy Queen Hike, watch movies, shop Target, Kohl’s, Scratch and. Sniff stickers Yellow and pink Nov, 3
Kiersten Webber Paraprofessional Peanut M&Ms, Banana Bread, Humus Diet Coke and Propel El Vaquero, Sickies Garage, 2nd Street Diner Camping, Painting, Playing board games with my 5year old Old Navy, Best Buy, Target Sugary Snacks for the Classroom Olive(drab) Green, Grey, and Pink 5-Apr
Kim Bruns 7th grade reading/6th grade social studies Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix, Crackers and Cheese, Fruit Water, Pepsi, Lemonade, Flavored Water, Cappucino El Vaquero, Los Tapatios, Dairy Queen, Pizza Ranh, Olive Garden, Applebee's Read, spend time with my family, be outside, biking, garden Target, Kohls, Amazon, Old Navy Books, Games Pink, Gray Feb. 26
Kim Seitz Title 1 teacher Almonds, cashews Diet Mt Dew China Moon, DQ Camping, concerts Amazon, Kohls Multiple copies (4)of short chapter books suitable for 3-4 Th grade Blue 13-Oct
Kindra Wiese 6th & 7th grade math peanut butter m & m's, sour patch kids Mochafrappe from McDonald's, Fountain Coke Dairy Queen, El Vaquero spend time with my family, run, clean/organize Scheels, Target, Amazon clorox wipes, plug ins, calculators, swivl, expo markers neutral colors- white, black, gray 31-Oct
Kirstin Johnson Jr. Kindergarten Teacher Dot's Homestyle Pretzels, Snyder's Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzels, Cashews Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Tea The Office, DQ, Scooters, Starbucks Puzzles, Garden, Camp Six21 Trends, Target Boogie Board Writing Tablets, Colored Pens, Highlighters Blue, Orange 11-Jun
Kristie Olson Business Ed Teacher at the High School Chocolate! Coke Nicky's Sports, camping, hunting All Electrical power strips Blue 3-Dec
Kristin Morse 2nd Grade sea salt dark chocolate, honey crisp apples, shaped Reese's peanut butter cups, peanut M&Ms coffee, Bubly water, Diet Root Beer Los Tapitios, The Office, Sundog, The Office, DQ reading, sporting events, walking, being outside, camping Target, Any Madison stores subscription to National Geographic magazine or other children's magazines, Large bottles of sanitizer, Masking tape, Amazon gift card blue, yellow, turquoise Nov. 15
Kristine Waba Kindergarten teacher Chocolate, jerky, kettle chips Snapple, Fresca The Office, Prime Time Tavern, HuHot Snuggle my grandson, Read, Camp Sparkle & Sass, Six 21 Trends kidney table, floor sit spots, water bottle holders, mini fridge Shades of blue February 6th
Laura Bult 3rd-12th grade Speech-Language Pathologist Skittles, Starburst, Twix, cashews, popcorn Squirt, flavored water El Vaquero, Pizza Ranch Read, swim, watch movies Six21 Trends, Small Town Girlz, Sparkle & Sass A new iPad for speech therapy Aqua blue, glitter October 30th
Laurie Macziewski Title 1 Teacher pretzels, chocolate, popcorn water and coke DQ and Pizza Ranch camp, snowmobile, read, garden blue 10-May
Leigh Ann Gehrels Librarian MES Popcorn Diet Mt. Dew Many Read, antiques, coloring Bath & Body Books Gray/yellow/blue 15-Aug
Leigh Ann Gehrels Librarian Popcorn Diet Mt. Dew DQ Read Bath & Body 15-Aug
Lindsey Dietterle 3rd grade teacher Trail Mix and Jerky Crystal Light and Diet Coke El Vaquero and Nicky's Garden and Craft Flea Market, Runnings, TARGET :) Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Card, Scholastic Book Wish list, Stamps, Neutrals and Green April 15th
Liz Gors Jr Kindergarten Aide to Mrs Finck dark chocolate, dot pretzels ginger ale, water not too picky walking, reading, Sunshine, Amazon sticky notes red and yellow 1/27/19??
Lori Christensen HS Health science teacher and CTE coordinator Salty and crunchy Coffee, green tea. Sports, Office, El Vaquero, Dakota Butcher Anything sports or adventure Walmart, Amazon, Target Green, white, purple 20-Jul
Lori Christensen HS Health science teacher and CTE coordinator Salty and crunchy Coffee, green tea. Sports, Office, El Vaquero, Dakota Butcher Anything sports or adventure Walmart, Amazon, Target Green, white, purple 20-Jul
Marci Hofman 6th-12th Special Education Teacher (Resource Room) Cheez-It Crackers Diet Mountain Dew China Moon Teach, spend time with my family, and take photos (selfies)! Dollar Tree Board Games All the colors of the rainbow (light version) pastel colors November 12th
Mariah Graff Student Teacher Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Starbursts, Sunchips, Popcorn Dr. Pepper Texas Roadhouse, Johnny Carinos, Braodwater Spend time with my niece and nephews Target Cricut Navy Blue and Grey 25-Jun
Maridee Dossett MMS health/geography wasabi almonds, snickers, unsweetened tea, diet dew Sporty's, Office, One stop subs travel, be outdoors scheels, target flexible seating, bosu balls for the fitness room hunter green, black or maroon February 11th
Marty Konechne Elementary PE Cough Drops Water No Covid-19
Max Hodgen Teacher Chocolate JL Beers Fish, hunt, golf
Maxine Unterbrunner HS Science/Head Girls and Boys Track and Field Coach Dove dark chocolate water Anything that has pasta and pizza Be outside Scheels desk instead of tables Green 4-Apr
Megan Bundy Middle School Student Advocate Gummy candy, moster cookies Cold Brew Coffee, Flavored Water any Mexican food go for walks, spend time with my family Target Big: iPad Small: fidgets pink & teal 27-Sep
Megan Janke Second Grade Teacher chips and salsa, peanut m&ms, and snickers water, body armor, and mountain dew Los Tapatios, the office, and one stop Watch the Bulldogs/ Jackrabbits/ and Trojans play, get massages/ pedicures, and plant my garden Target and Amazon Board games (Connect 4, Yahtzee, etc.) and books Blue, green, and yellow 22-May
Melissa Blessington Para Professional Reeses Pieces Starbucks Iced Coffees Popeyes, Five Guys, Subway Fish, hunt and hike Scheels Colored pencils and a new desk. :) Pink and black July 9th
Melody Gross Paraprofessional in the Resource Room in HS Kind Bar/granola healthy snacks Latte All the Madison restaurants/ bar restaurants I love going to MHS activities - band/choir, plays, athletic events Any Pencils, Calculator Blue 19-Sep
Michael Ricke Activities Director/Assistant Principal Sunflower Seeds or any chocolate candies Coke, Mt. Dew, Coffee Any Madison Restraint, Texas Roadhouse Golfing, movies, outdoor games Scheels, Walmart, Menards None
Michele Hodges Paraprofeesional Cashews Dark Chocolate coffee Ice tea The Local Mexican Restaurants boating, bike riding, camping, family time KydenJae Designs Sparkle and Sas Blue purple July 3rd
Michele Stark 5th Grade teacher ice cream or chocolate candy bars Coke Zero or Cherry Coke Zero Los Tapatios or Olive Garden Walking and crafts Hobby Lobby Wobble Stools blue 26-Jun
Michelle Hojer First Grade Teacher Chips & Salsa, Dots Pretzels Drinks from Scooters, Diet Coke Los Tapatios, Jimmy Johns, Subway Read, Shop, Attend Sporting Events Target, Amazon Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card Green, Black 16-May
Monica Pickard Elementary Music Pretzel filled M & Ms Mountain Dew and Alkaline water Applebee's Camp, read, sew JoAnns Fabrics A digital camera to video musicals and kleenex Pink and black Nov. 1
Nichole Ludemann Full-Time Substitute Reese's Sticks and Doritos Mt. Dew and Unsweetened Iced Tea Olive Garden and Guadalajaras Read and Go to the Park Hobby Lobby and Target Paperclips Blue and Purple May 19th
Nicole Decker Director of 6-12 Band Pretzels, Twix, Caramels Diet Coke/Coke Zero Red Lobster, Taco Bell Bowling, Going to Movies, Lounging Target New Drums for drumline, bell covers, pencils Blue 5-Jun-92
Nicole Gabriel 3rd Grade Teacher anything candy or chocolate Orange Soda, Coke, Ice flavored water, coffee Los Tapatios, Nicky's, 2nd Street Diner, The Office Garden, bake, read, go to the movies, collect monkeys Amazon, Six21, Lewis, Bath and Body Scotch Laminator, Stickers, student headphones, washable markers, hand sharpeners Yellow and Blue 25-Nov
Nikki Troxell High School English Language Arts teacher salty things - chips, pretzels, snack mix coffee Scooters run, be outside, ride bike Scooters light filters warm colors -- mustard, rust, reds 21-Jul
Patti Skluzacek sped paraprofessional herseys candy bar diet coke the office decorate the boutiques blue 31-Mar
Peggy Leighton Office Chocolate Diet Pepsi Mexican or Chinese Eat out, shop, watch movies Maurices & JC Penney WFH Privacy Screen ( Black 22-May
Rachel Dawon 2nd grade teacher chocolate, popcorn, fruit, chips body armour (pineapple coconut, peach lyte) lemonade, smoothies, shakes Johnny Carinoes, The Office, Mexican, Stadium, GoodCents, Subway, DQ hike, cook, bake, golf Target, Walmart, Marshalls, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby social emotional books, stem materials, book shelves blue, green 11-Feb
Rebecca Finck Junior Kindergarten teacher snickers, milk duds, pretzels flavored water, Dr. Pepper Sportys, Five Guys sports with my kids Six21, Amazon Playdough, Amazon wishlist: aqua, purple 10-May
Renee Boyd 9th grade English Teacher popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, hot tamales coffee Reading, biking, walking my dog, napping Barnes and Noble 25-Jan
Sarah Jongeling FACS/Culinary Arts chocolate, Werther's Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, Coke, Bai waters any spend time with my family, quilt, bake Bath and Body Works, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's aprons, beanie style chef hats blue, black, green, purple 26-Jun
Shelly Balogh 4th Grade Teacher popcorn coffee, tea, water Sportys and The Office exercise and watch movies with my family Six21 and Sparkle/Sass read aloud books about diversity, cricut machine bright colors 5-Jan
Stacy Hunsley MS Office Professional Cheetos, doritos, chocolate Coke Zero, Mt. Dew, Carmel Frappes, El Vaquero, Taco Johns Camp, watch my kids sporting events Maurices, Hobby Lobby, Boutiques, Amazon Green, blue, black Feb. 17
Steve Gors Alternative Instructor/Edgenuity Snickers and Reeces Coke - Mt. Dew - Coffee DQ and pizza Talk to people and draw. Amazon Eye glass cleaning wipes Earth tones and Royal Blue Jan. 26
Susan Poncelet Sped Para in Jr K room pretzels, wintergreen mints, anything milk chocolate Dr Pepper The Office, DQ Six 21, Lewis purple but I like all the other colors 11-Jan
Tammy 3rd grade teacher peanut butter pretzels, nuts, salty things, gum Diet Pepsi, ice tea, flavored waters, wine Sportys, Elvaquero, Applebees, Taco Bell read, garden, repaint old furniture, crafts, cricket Walmart, Lewis, Barnes and Nobles, Target, Scholastic book donations, Teacher Pay Teachers Gift Cards teal and gray 27-Jul
Tammy Jung Title 1 teacher peanut butter m&m popcorn cheese sticks unsweetened ice tea diet mountain dew/coke Mexican Sporty"s The Office Reading Movies Listening to music ACE Lewis Barnes & Nobles 3-Osmo E-books/kindles tablets Teal blue purple 26-Dec
Tammy Lund para Hersheys candy bar Ici waters usually grape Pizza Ranch sew Six21 markers, books, masks for little ones sage, any pastel colors 1-Mar
Tara Liesinger HS Special Education Heath candy bar, Hot Tamales, Honey BBQ Fritos, Funyuns Diet Coke El Vaquero, HuHot, Broadwater, The Lakes, Hillside Golf, boating, fishing, work on puzzles Kohls, Sparkle & Sass, Six21 Trends Subscription to Learn360, new teacher chair Pink, black, burgundy March 1st
Tarynn Bickett Elementary Long Term Sub Pretzels or cookies water or Strawberry lemonade Ice Drink DQ, Slim Chickens, Outback Cross-stitch, scrapbook, sometimes sew Maurices or Target N/A Pink and Orange October 4th
Teresa Howell MHS Counselor Chex mix, chips, skittles, licorice Diet coke, diet dew, sparkling ICE, lattes El Vaquero, HuHot, Vinyl Taco Spend time with my family, craft, go on walks, try new recipes Boutiques, old navy, Gap Games to play with students, fidget toys, stress balls, etc. Pink, Purple, teal 2/16/1987
Teri Gerry Middle school special education teacher Dove chocolate, Reese's, peanut butter M&Ms, Cheetos, Cheddar and sour cream potato skins Dt. Mt. Dew El Vaquero, Los Tapatios, One Stop, The Office read books Walmart, Target, Scheel's more wobble stools, Starburst candy purple, lime green, teal 3-Oct
Tina Denne First Grade Teacher chocolate Diet Coke The Attic (Sioux Falls) The Office being outdoors and family time Target puzzles, bright pens for student use, hands on stem or brain thinking items bright colors 2-Nov
Tonya Callies MHS Secretary trail mixes coffee I love anything Read, spend time with my kids and pups amazon love sticky notes and colored pens greens, blues 5/6/1978
Travis Johnson Middle School Tech Baby Ruths, Butterfingers Coke El Vaquero, DQ Camp, Fish, Sports,Hunt Scheels, Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabelas New Desktop computers, new video cameras Green 24-Jun
Trish Keller Paraprofessional/Tearchers Aide chips/salsa or chocolate Bubly or Flavored Lattes The Office or Blarney Stone Crafts, Gardening Hobby Lobby purple 3-Jul
Valerie Wilkens 8th Grade Reading Peanut Butter M & M's, Snickers, Pretzels Diet Coke, Bubly, Chai Tea Los Tapatios, Panera Bread Anything outside, ride bike, camp, read, shop Six 21, Target, Old Navy BOOKS!!! Young Adult Chapter Books, Wordless Picture Books Fall colors 17-Dec
Zach Johnson 6/7th Grade Science Beef Jerky Diet Mountain Dew/Diet Coke Mexico Viejo, Sporty's, or The Office Spend time with family, fish, and spend time outdoors Scheels, Cabelas, and Dicks Sporting Goods Classroom set of headphones, flexible seating Kelly Green November 4th

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