The Trudi Nelson Forensics Scholarship

The Trudi Nelson Scholarship was endowed in 2015 as a way to honor Trudi Nelson’s 15 years as a Language Arts teacher at the Madison Middle School (1988-2003) including several years of teaching High School Speech and English classes. For nine years during this period she was also the head coach of High School Debate and Oral Interpretation. Through her leadership, the Debate and Oral Interpretation programs were restored and reinvigorated. Madison’s hosting of the Karl Mundt Debate Tournament was a key event in the South Dakota Forensics competition during this period. During her coaching tenure, the Madison Forensics teams qualified several teams and individual competitors for National Forensics competition as well as either winning or placing in the top tier of all South Dakota schools, including the State’s largest schools. She was highly respected by coaches on the ‘debate circuit’ and was a relentless champion of student recruitment and performance. As an example of her quality guidance as a coach and mentor, several of her debate students excelled after leaving Madison. These included a future Rhodes Scholar and students who earned law degrees from Harvard and Duke Universities. The purpose of the scholarship is to aid a student who is attending a South Dakota university and pursuing an education degree or similar field of study with an average or above average academic record. Preference will be given to students who have participated in forensics and / or oral interpretation and are first generation college students while actively involved in student and / or community betterment activities. Funds for this scholarship are based on interest accrued and therefore funding may vary from year to year. A one-time award of $1,000 is typical. The Madison Central School Educational Foundation (MCSEF) will publicize, review and award the scholarship each year. The applicant must attend a South Dakota university in the fall after graduation. Funds awarded must be used for educational expenses incurred the fall after high school graduation. The award will be directed to the recipient’s chosen institution according to Foundation policies.

Requirements: • Attend a South Dakota university • Major in education degree or similar field • Maintain an average or above average academic record

Preferences: • Participate in forensics and / or oral interpretation • First generation college student • Involved in student and / or community betterment activities

Criteria & Application

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