The Educational Foundation began in 1995, when the school district received a sum of money from the estate of Evelyn Krueger Jones. Superintendent John Sweet wanted an educational foundation to administer the Jones scholar­ship and to find additional ways to promote, enhance and enable education and enrichment opportunities and school improvement activities outside of the school budget. Orig­inally named the Lake Central School Educational Founda­tion, Inc., the Foundation was renamed the Madison Central School Educational Foundation, Inc. in 2001. The Foundation became a 501 (c) (3) organization in 2006 and expanded to offer grants to teachers for professional development and to innovate their classrooms with funds for equipment, subscriptions and field trips that are beyond the school budget.

Our Mission is to facilitate private and corporate support for our school. The Foundation is organized to promote, enhance, and enable educational opportunities and school improvement activities in the Madison Central School District.

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