Foundation funds Raku in HS Art Room

The Madison Central School Educational Foundation helped High School Art teacher Holly Evans’ Advanced Art class with a Raku project. Students built their vases using coil construction. Once they were built and bisque fired, students then glazed them in class using the glazes provided by Dakota Potters Supply out of Sioux Falls. Students had the option to use crackle glazes or metallics. Once glazed, Mrs. Evens brought the pots to Sioux Falls where they were fired outside at Dakota Potters. The process or firing in a Raku kiln allows for beautiful variations in colors. The projects are fired at a high heat very rapidly and then pulled from the kiln while still incredibly hot. They are then covered in combustible materials and covered with a metal can. Once the can is lifted and the air hits the project the chemical changes occur which result in the beautiful colors you see in Raku pottery.

“The kids were very excited and grateful for the experience as was I. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you for making it possible Foundation,” Mrs. Evans stated.

Funding for this Raku art project came from the Mark Hartman Art Fund.

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