Bud & Marcia Wenk: Friend of Foundation

Wenk Family

Every year the Madison Central School Educational Foundation chooses a very special recipient to receive the Friend of the Foundation award at the Big Apple dinner event. This award honors longtime supporters of the Foundation. Not only monetary supporters of the Foundation but also support in the form of guidance and advice and assistance. This year’s recipients of the Friend of the Foundation award are Bud & Marcia Wenk.

They had a lifetime of love for the community and years of experience with the school system. This special couple were early monetary supporters of the Foundation, the very first donors to the Foundation. But even more important than that, Marcia offered support in getting the Foundation developed.

Not only was this couple the first donors to the Education Foundation, but they also continually donated to the Foundation year after year after year. They did not donate a chunk of money and call it good. They continue to contribute to their endowment. They also go above and beyond funding camp experiences for students that fall between the definitions of Foundation support. These donors are more concerned with helping students grow their passions by attending camps and experiencing unique opportunities than trying to fit them into a definition of support. This is the couple when our executive director, Renae Prostrollo, says, “I have too many applicants and you need to cut a few, she says, I will donate more because these are impressive students.” That is the commitment the Foundation needs and not only the Foundation, that is the commitment MHS students deserve! That kind of support is priceless. Congratulations Bud & Marcia Wenk.

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